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This Months Highlights

Welcome to the brand new format eZine! December is upon us once again and Christmas is just around the corner. This eZine is filled with Christmas goodies to help you through the holidays – with ‘how to make’ pieces and top 10 stocking fillers to top tips on keeping sane and distracted over Christmas and … Read More

A Very Merry Un-Birthday? Contrary to popular belief, the Bible doesn’t actually mention a specific date for Jesus’ birth. In fact, most historians believe he was probably born in the spring, hence the Bible’s description of shepherds herding animals. But in the 4th century, when the Catholic Church decided to recognize Jesus’ birth as an … Read More

Announcements The CT team ran a ‘Halloween competition’ for the best costume and the best pumpkin carved. Congratulations to Bitter_Angel (3rd), Miss Pixie (2nd) and Starless (1st) in the ‘Jack o Latern’ Competition. Congratulations to Steel Magnolia (3rd), GirlAnachronism (2nd) and monket (1st) in the costume competition. Watch out for the RYL advent Calender coming … Read More

The family are around, the aunts and uncles you haven’t seen since last year come and steal your room and your stuck on the sofa in an overcrowded house and your pulling your hair out cause your stressed, your sick of playing barbies with your cousin and you just want to scream ‘leave me alone’ … Read More

It’s easy to get caught up in Christmas, and all the traditions and history that goes with it. But how much do you know about Christmas in other countries? This time of year, its meaning and the way it is celebrated is vastly different depending on where you are. Let’s travel around the world and … Read More

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