The family are around, the aunts and uncles you haven’t seen since last year come and steal your room and your stuck on the sofa in an overcrowded house and your pulling your hair out cause your stressed, your sick of playing barbies with your cousin and you just want to scream ‘leave me alone’ but she’s only 5 and that would be harsh so what do you do?

Follow these tips to be less stressed this Christmas.

- Christmas shopping is enough to stress anyone out, my biggest tip is Plan Ahead. Have a look online and plan the things you want to buy to save you having to faff about in the crowds of people blocking aisles in the department store. You can just go straight ahead, pick up your item and queue. Maybe you could make your own gifts to save you lots of shopping, and money.
- Your room is being rented out over the holidays and you’re being kicked out. Get a suitcase/bag and put everything you may need/want over the period. Make sure you take your favourite blanket. This saves the middle of the night “Oh #*=# I need …. And it’s in my room” moments and at least if your stuck on the sofa you have your own belongings around you.
- Make sure you take time out for yourself. You should do this anyway, even if it’s only 10minutes a day, but it’s more important at Christmas in an overcrowded house or when your getting lots of visitors.
Go for a walk
Sit and meditate/ do a relaxation technique
Burn incense
- Try and help out as much as you can. Helping your mum prepare the vegetables might make her feel less stressed. Happy mum, happy you.
- If there are kids involved and you don’t want to play ‘barbie or action man’ anymore maybe think of fun things they can do with supervision, maybe you could paint, or take them to the park. Giving you some kind of a break, and keeping them occupied.
- Christmas might not be your favourite time of year, so try and be nice for yourself. Maybe that’s painting your nails or having a nice warm bubble bath, or taking a ride out on your BMX. You are important too.
- If you’re like me, sitting around on Christmas day, bored waiting for dinner, maybe you should find a project to volunteer at on Christmas day. Homeless shelters and soup kitchens could usually do with the extra hands on Christmas day.
- Put on some music and dance around crazily to work out some stress. The kids might join in too and you could have a ‘dance off’
- Have a film marathon or, go to the cinema. Taking time out away from the house can leave granddad to sleep, and your parents to clean up the Christmas dinner.
- Come on RYL and chat to your friends.