Welcome to the brand new format eZine! December is upon us once again and Christmas is just around the corner. This eZine is filled with Christmas goodies to help you through the holidays – with ‘how to make’ pieces and top 10 stocking fillers to top tips on keeping sane and distracted over Christmas and lots lots more!

How to use the new eZine

The eZine is designed to be a creative mix of website and magazine. Unlike a PDF, there are videos to watch, things to do and objects to interact with – as well as the all important ability to comment! However, unlike a website, it is designed to be read page by page like a book. When you get to the bottom of a page, you will be able to click on to the next.

If you don’t want to read an article, you can always just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on to the next one. If you want to skip an entire section, or get back to where you left off, you can use the section menu at the top to jump around.

Please leave lots of feedback on the new eZine, and comment on the content lots. This eZine is about what YOU want – so let us know if you want something different.

We are also looking for contributions in all sections for next months eZine. Get in touch and we’ll let you know how!

Thanks and enjoy!

The eZine Team